Choosing Colors


One of the more creative, and frustrating, parts about website design, at least for me, is branding. I can pick and choose colors for myself all day long (I've been looking at paint chips recently for my living room,) but choosing colors for another person can be time-consuming.

"Is this green too cool? Is that red too red? Does this blue need to have more purple to it? How does this blue look with this green?" and so on...

But the tool I'll use to figure all of this out is the Adobe Color CC Color Wheel. The wheel allows me to toy with different colors and to adjust them minutely. Then when I'm done, I'm able to know what their HEX and RGB codes are to exactly match on the website and other design items. 

If I'm working with you, there's a chance I'll give you that website so that you can explore for yourself what colors you like!

And if I'm not yet working with you, please reach out so that we can chat about your specific business needs.